Honest Service


My service call with Arrow was great. I spent my morning on the phone with other companies who didn’t know their own industry and had no or very limited product knowledge. Some even lacked in customer service skills. If that was not bad enough one company went as far to quote me more than $200.00 than the part was worth which I had already priced myself at Frontier. Arrow Plumbing before they know of this scenario informed me to check my manufacturer warranty as my house was new. If the part to my water tank was found to be covered they would not get the work. That was honest. They also gave me tips on what to look for. At the end they didn’t push the sale rather they said if you need us let us know. Great service! I talked to many companies that morning and Arrow was a game changer.

- Paula Portelli

Friendly and Efficient Service

Accurate Quotes

Had a good experience with Arrow running gas line to my deck and patios. Pleasant tech; nice work. Price was as quoted. 

 - Ken Morton 

Quick to Response

Receive efficient, friendly service. Called a few other places before and had no call back to tell me when they could help. I called Arrow and they were at my place shortly and got the job done.

 - Leighton Macphail